Low Level Light Therapy/Photobiomodulation:

Getting your Life Back,

One Treatment at a Time

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) utilizes a technology called photobiomodulation that generates a healing reaction in the body at the cellular level using light.
This therapy is non-invasive, involves no medication, no down time, and treatments take as little as 15 minutes. Helping the body to decrease inflammation, encourage healthy neural pathway development, Low Level Light Therapy creates a faster healing reaction in the body. Clinically safe and scientifically researched, this treatment protocol is available for patients of all ages. There are no side effects, and treatment is painless!
Protocols for Every Age
Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is applicable for many conditions, pain management, surgery prevention and recovery, as well as all cognitive conditions, including anxiety and depression.  Exclusive treatment protocols are effective for patients of all ages and work to help create a balance in mind and body.  We also have treatments for weight loss, concussion, smoking cessation, stress management, pain management, and muscle recovery. hair restoration, wound healing, and surgery prevention.
World-class Specialist and Low Level Light Therapy Educational Trainer


With multiple degrees and certifications in both cognitive health, educational protocols for children  and integrative holistic health, Dr. Susan Bostian provides a wealth of treatment options that meet the needs of all patients. In addition to treating her own patients, Dr. Susan trains other specialists and practitioners across the country who are utilizing Low Level Light Therapy in their practices.


Cognitive testing and assessment is available both before and after cognitive treatment protocols so patients so quantifiable information can be presented to demonstrate effectiveness of treatment.



A variety of payment plans are available  for all clients well as family plan options. Even though some of the protocols are FDA approved, We do not take medical insurance.

Low Level Light Therapy Specialist
Integrative Holistic Health Specialist
Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian


As a cognitive health specialist and Integrative Holistic Health specialist, Dr. Susan specializes in exclusive cognitive therapies for anxiety and depression, pain management and muscle recovery, and utilizes advanced scanning and testing protocols to determine overall health and wellness and a personalized laser therapy protocol to fit your health needs.

Located in Nazareth, PA

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