Low Level Light Therapy uses visible or near infrared light for reducing inflammation, edema, pain, and promotes healing. Low Level Light Therapy also prevents cell death and prevents tissue damage unlike other modalities available.  (Source: Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology). Typical medications have side effects and can prevent the healing process, whereas LLLT actually improves healing as well as reduces pain and inflammation. Over 400 clinical trials have been completed and 4000 studies have been published indicating that LLLT is safer than pharmaceutical protocols. 

WHY LLLT for Anxiety and Depression?


Anxiety and depression affects 1 in 18 children and 40% of adults. Scientific American has established that anxiety and depression is caused by both hormonal imbalances and an increase in interstitial swelling in the gray matter of the brain. LLLT reduces that inflammation. Once that inflammation is eliminated, effective hormone transport can happen in the brain, leading to a more balanced mental state WITHOUT the use of pharmaceuticals.

The patent-pending protocols that we implement under the professional direction of Dr. Susan Bostian are effective at decreasing anxiety and depression.

Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian, Specialist
Dr. Susan is a Integrative Holistic Health Specialist and  cognitive learning specialist with multiple degrees in health, nutrition, and educational programming. She has spent 25 years working with children and adults in the educational realm and in health clinics studying the process of learning, what affects learning and cognition, and effective strategies for helping the brain function effectively and the impacts of nutrition on learning.
In addition, she has spent time working with athletes and runners from across the country in muscle recovery and injury prevention as well using Low Level Light Therapy.

Located in Nazareth, PA

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